Thursday, December 8, 2011

This is for the EXCITE batch 12 - 13

I am so happy that my principal send me here in this EXCITE training program. I learned a lot in terms of computer software such as; Excel and Internet blogging.
                Excel is software that helps us to compute and analyze data. In this training I learn how to use the basic formulas and how to make it presentable. All this time, I thought I know everything about excel, but this time I realized that there are something more that I should learn in it.
                When I was teaching in a private school, I handled computer subject. I taught MS Excel, Word, Power Point and MS Front Page. I don’t have any idea about internet blogging, so I’m very thank full in this EXCITE Training.
                Our Instructors are excellent in explaining and demonstrating the topic. Thank you to Sir Mhike for teaching us Excel, Thank you to Sir Neil For teaching us Internet Blogging, and Thank you also to Mam Sidney for assisting us. You did great.
                Once again Thank You to all members of EXCITE family.